Special Education

Welcome to the Special Education Department of Seven Hills Preparatory Academy!

The Special Education department implements programs that have been developed to assist students who are eligible for services according to Minnesota eligibility criteria. According to Minnesota statutes, a child with a disability means a child identified under federal and state special education law as having a hearing impairment, blindness, visual disability, speech or language impairment, physical disability, other health impairment, mental disability, emotional/behavioral disorder, specific learning disability, autism, traumatic brain injury, multiple disabilities, and a deaf and blind disability and needs special education and related services. Once a child has been evaluated and identified as having an educational disability, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Plan is created based on the student’s learning needs. The IEP team works collaboratively throughout the school year to ensure the student is making adequately yearly progress. The IEP team meets at least once a year to update the student’s learning goals and objectives.