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Audi and VW Diagnostics

May 13 and 15 from 630-830pm Central Time Zone.

Cost: $150 USD. You will also receive access to the recording for review after the fact. If you cannot attend LIVE, please let us know in the form. 

Live participants will be invoiced BEFORE the webinar and will receive an access link to the LIVE webinar once payment is received. 

Asynchronous attendees will not be invoiced until the recording is finalized. Once the recording is finalized, you will be invoiced, then once the invoice is paid, you will receive access to the recording.

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Check out This Article On Psychology Today!

This article talks all about critical thinking. It's interesting because much of what is discussed in the article (especially the numbered bullet points) really encapsulate what you need in order to be successful both as an automotive technician AND in life.

Automotive Module Programming: a 40k ft Overview

Are you or your shop looking at getting into automotive module programming? Then this video is the perfect introduction for you! In this video I explain the different types of programming: Scan Tool Cloud-Based, J2534, OEM Interface, and Cloning. 

Transmission Programming, Coding, and Learning/Relearning

If you are interested in becoming more comfortable and knowledgeable on the foundations of transmission servicing, take some time to watch this video. This will provide you with a strong foundational understanding of transmission coding, programming and learning/relearning.

Thermal Imaging:

Basic Principles and Everyday Use Tips

Oscilloscopes 101 

In this video I cover a number of Oscilloscope Basics. You will find this helpful if you are just getting started with Oscilloscopes. You might pick up a thing or two if you are a veteran user as well.

VW Diagnostic and Training on a 2015 VW Jetta

In this video I will walk you through a problem on a 2015 VW Jetta that had a cruise control problem. We will discuss the entire diagnostic process and examine some tools that may help you in how you think about any diagnostic problems you encounter in the future.

Fault Code Logic: A different perspective on diagnostics

This video will discuss the logic behind fault codes, how a control unit determines or judges when a fault occurs, and some of the limitations of that design. This training will change how you think about diagnostics and make you a better diagnostician. Stay tuned as this class will be expanded into a 3 or 4 hour class likely to be presented at Vision 2023!

Identifix Training: a means to improve your efficiency as a technician

In this video I will walk you through a number of the finer points of navigating Identifix. This training is primarily made for technicians, but will also help service advisors. We cover many of the commonly needed and used features of the site and ways you can increase your overall efficiency and effectiveness with the site.

Here's the calendar for our upcoming roundtable events! You can access the link for the event by clicking on it.

Automotive Case Studies and Technician Roundtable Event (2023-12-06 18:40 GMT-6)

December 2023 Roundtable

In this session we talked about a number of interesting cases including a Mercedes with a strange misfire issue, 2 Jeeps with different interesting issues, a Dodge with a Network Problem and a whole lot more. Tune in and enjoy! If you'd like to come and present at a future episode, please reach out to us!

Automotive Roundtable Case Studies Event (2023-04-03 18:19 GMT-5)

Automotive Roundtable April Session 1

In this session we have a case on an older vehicle that was very challengine to pinpoint the issue on. We also discuss a Volkswagen with a code that doesn't make sense! Brian Mann joins us to share a couple of his cases as well and we have some thoughtful conversations on ADAS and calibration requirements. 

Roundtable January Session 2 (2023-02-06 20:07 GMT-6)

Automotive Roundtable Jan Session 2

In this session Chad from Topdon USA joins us to discuss their upcoming Augmented Reality glasses! He takes feedback from our community on the opportunities and use cases for the product as well as suggestions for the design features. Jeremy joins us to discuss an ABS sensor fault on an FCA vehicle and thoroughly explains system operation. We also have a GM with a fuel composition sensor fault code and dive deep into how it works!

Roundtable January Session 1 (2023-01-23 18:06 GMT-6)

Automotive Roundtable Jan Session 1

In this session Leo joins us to discuss some Subaru VVT issues in a case. Mike joins us again to show us the power of a simple tool (Curien N2 Neuron) on a diagnostic with a crank no-start Ford. Haakan presents a case on a fuel trim imbalance fault on a Ford using a thermal imager to aid in diagnosis. 

Dec 1 Automotive Roundtable Case Studies December Session 1 (2022-12-19 18:12 GMT-6)

Automotive Roundtable December
Session 1 

In this session we have a throttle body fault on a Volvo along with a bunch of other great content!

Dec 2 Automotive Roundtable Case Studies December Session 2 (2022-12-28 20:12 GMT-6)

Automotive Roundtable December
Session 2 

In this session we talk about a Duramax diesel with an interesting problem, a history lesson and exploration on a Model T (Wow!!) and a Ford Escape with a power mirror issue along with some other great info.

Roundtable November Session 1 (2022-11-23 18:07 GMT-6)

Automotive Roundtable November
Session 1 

In this session we have an ADAS case study as well as a great explanation on how a Snapon Scope works along with many great case studies! Join us and enjoy!

November Roundtable session 2 (2022-11-30 20:11 GMT-6)

Automotive Roundtable November
Session 2

Another ADAS case study as well and many other great cases presented again in this session. As always, huge thank you to all of our presenters and participants!

Roundtable Session 6 (2022-10-24 20:13 GMT-5)

Automotive Roundtable Session 6!

Join us for another excellent session of case studies and insightful discussion of automotive topics! This one is exculsively offered here (not on Youtube). Many of our future roundtables will be exclusively premiered here on the website, so make sure you visit regularly!

Roundtable Session 5 (2022-10-19 18:14 GMT-5)

Automotive Roundtable Session 5!

We've got some exciting cases to share this session! This includes a great case on a Ford that was misdiagnosed at another shop and had some misleading scan tool data!

Automotive Roundtable Case Studies Session 4 (2022-09-21 18:10 GMT-5)

Automotive Roundtable Case Studies Session 4!

Join us for another excellent session of case studies and insightful discussion of automotive topics! This one is exculsively offered here (not on Youtube). Many of our future roundtables will be exclusively premiered here on the website, so make sure you visit regularly!

Automotive Roundtable Case Studies Session 2!

Join us for some fascinating case studies on: Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, and Subaru! Some excellent presentations and discussion of some interesting cars! Come to the next session and participate!

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Shame with Margaret Light [E103]Listen to this episode from Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z on Spotify. Shame vs. Guilt: Margaret Light explains the difference between these two often confused emotions. Guilt is about feeling bad for doing something wrong, while shame is about feeling like a bad person. Guilt can motivate change, but shame can lead to negative self-critical thoughts and harm relationships.Show NotesThe difference between shame and guilt (00:01:30) Personal experience with shame (00:03:28)Challenging negative beliefs (00:06:22) Shame and Guilt (00:08:18) Discussion on the difference between shame and guilt, and how shame affects individuals in their day-to-day lives.Childhood Experiences of Shame (00:09:23) Sharing and Naming Shame (00:12:15) Recognizing and Understanding Shame (00:15:34)Dealing with Shame and Self-Compassion (00:18:38) Leaning into Shame and Seeking External Validation (00:21:31) The impact of shame on individuals (00:25:55) Creating a shame-filled environment (00:26:16)The connection between self-talk and how we treat others (00:27:30) Shame and Substance Use (00:31:00) The Shame Spiral (00:32:22) Window of Tolerance and Coping Strategies (00:34:19) Regulating Your System (00:38:45) Regulating Others (00:40:55)Guilt vs. Shame (00:44:27) Recognizing and not internalizing feedback (00:48:14)Healthy guilt vs shame in a professional setting (00:51:07) The importance of relationships with clients (00:53:57) The fascination with understanding human behavior (00:55:00)Thanks to our Partner, NAPA Autotech napaautotech.com Email Matt: mattfanslowpodcast@gmail.comDiagnosing the Aftermarket A - Z YouTube Channel HEREAftermarket Radio Network: https://aftermarketradionetwork.com/
Relationships 101 with Margaret LightListen to this episode from Matt Fanslow - Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z on Spotify. 41% of first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. Up to 70% of divorces are initiated by the wife, and when in a couple, the wife is college educated, that number drops and jumps to up to 90% of divorces initiated by the wife.Who regrets a divorce after it happens? 39% of men regret a divorce compared to only 27% of women.Most couples are waiting too long to seek some type of help with their marriage.Divorce men are 2.5 times more likely than married men to commit suicide and 8 times more likely to commit suicide than divorced women. 66% of men name their wives as their primary social support, 21% name friends, and 10% say they have no one at all.4 communication patterns that tend to lead to divorce- eye rolls are a symptom of contempt, criticism, defensiveness, and stonewallingThe first 3 minutes of a conversation dictate the rest of the conversation, how well or how poorly that goes.Couples in unhappy relationships spend all their time looking at the other person and not enough time looking at themselves. You have two different people in a relationship with two different sets of thoughts and feelings, and needs. It is possible for one person in that relationship to feel good about the relationship and think everything's okay or good enough, and it is possible for the other person to be downright miserable.Imagine the most recent fight you had with your spouse or negative interaction- if you remove yourself from that scenario and were to put someone else in your place, and it was like you were watching a movie, how would you feel towards that person who's playing you? Would you like what you see? Could you stand by those actions? What are the parts of what they're saying that are true?The show is sponsored by NAPA Auto Care napaautocare.comNAPA Benefits Center: napabenefitscenter.comNAPA Member Site: member.napaautocare.comEmail Matt: mattfanslowpodcast@gmail.comDiagnosing the Aftermarket A - Z YouTube Channel HERE
Mental Health with Haakan Light - Matt Fanslow Diagnosing the Aftermarket A - ZListen to this episode from Matt Fanslow - Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z on Spotify. Matt and Haakan Light, from Garage Gurus, are not providing medical remedies or solutions nor are they qualified to give out any medical advice. A very serious topic for everyone in the aftermarket Somewhere in the neighborhood, one in five and one in four adults have mental health issues or concerns and are going undiagnosed and untreated. Concussions can cause issues with mood. We’ve seen this amplified in professional sports like football These types of injuries can be cumulative (Head Injuries) Head injuries take away from your resistance There are alternative treatments Find an adaptive strategy for your mental health Exercise is good to improve your mental health Anxiety and mental health are related Talk therapy is an option The key is to connect with the therapist. Finding the right fit. They can give you tools but you need to take the responsibility Like addiction, you have to decide The tool truck can give you a tool, but you need to use it to have value to you. Stress and anxiety can come from the challenges at work. Fixing people and fixing cars can have parallels. Deep breath in front of a customer may have them calm down. Like the yawn response. Many people in your world may be struggling with mental health and/or anxiety issues Get help from NAMI.com    National Alliance on Mental Health Issues Don’t fear being alone Cranial Electro Stimulation worked for Haakan Email Matt: mattfanslowpodcast@gmail.comDiagnosing the Aftermarket A - Z YouTube Channel https://bit.ly/32QIkRA (HERE)

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