To calculate the tax impact of your property, please enter your property value in the box below and press calculate. Your current property value may be found on your 2018 tax bill.

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Per $1,000 of "Fair Market" Property Value

Maximum Mill Rate Increase (over 2018-19 mill rate) $0.31

Key Financial Assumptions:

Two-phased borrowing approach (2019 and 2023).

Estimated interest rates ranging from 4.25% to 4.50%.

First tax impact will be noted on tax bills received in December 2019 (due in 2020).

Estimated Valuation Growth of 0.00% through 2025, 0.50% thereafter.

State Aid Reimbursement of -33% (current tertiary level).


Example tax impact could be impacted by other variables, such as significant market or statutory changes, which may necessitate adjustments to the financing plans.

If both referenda are not approved, the mill rate may remain unchanged or decline in upcoming years.

(Mill rate specific to debt service would be expected to decrease by $1.96 over the next 2 years.)