Standard | USD$390/month (Limited Pre-launch price)

  • Unlimited Apps Script Idea Submissions
  • Unlimited Apps Script Development Tasks
  • Access to the shared Apps Scripts library
  • Large Project Buy-in
  • No Contract
  • Dedicated Support When You Need
  • Real-time Chat & Training
  • Pre-launch pricing for life of your subscription (after beta period price will increase to $490/month)
  • 14 day free trial - cancel anytime and not be charged

Is it really unlimited?

Yes! We are only human so designing scripts for you business can take some time but we'll continue to work from your queue regardless of how many requests you submit.

Are there any SLAs?

No, we work from your queue at the speed of human. We'll work as fast as possible and if you do have deadlines please speak with your Dev(s) about prioritising work for you.

Do we get our own developer?

For the short-term future (beta period or maybe longer) we will share the work amongst the team but eventually there will be at least one dedicated developer for your team.

What is "Large Project buy-in"? (Coming Soon)

If your project idea is large and requires connection to an external service API such as Xero or Hubspot then you will need the support of 3+ members in order to build it. This keeps the script submissions small and manageable and for larger projects making them useful for more members.

Can I use this in my existing projects?

Sure, if you have existing Apps Script projects that need updating we can certainly work on them. Just remember that any task you give us to work on should be covered under the Official Scope of Work.

What is a project or task?

We work on small projects or tasks such as updating existing scripts, creating a custom function that inserts the date in a doc via a menu etc. For larger projects we will need to work on those as a standard project based on our hourly rate.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yep you sure can. Use us for a single project if you like then cancel with nothing more to pay.

Our service is designed to help you with the small projects and tasks you have using Google Apps Script for a period you determine, no contracts or lock-ins.

How do I submit my ideas or tasks?

You can send them in via email or using the Asana app you can add tasks directly to your queue.

They will be assessed and any extra information requested before task commencement.

What is the Beta period?

We're trying this new way of delivering on-demand script development so to make everyone aware that it's a conceptual period we're labelling it a BETA. We can discontinue or stop at anytime but we'll be forthcoming with any information on changes as best we can.