The Footwear Design &

Technology School of SA



" Come take a walk in our world and experience the extasy of working with footwear. Nothing can be as satisfying as creating... its the Devine in us that drives us toward it, He did it ...we do it.. " - Glyn Giani (Director FDTSSA)

About The School

The School was started in 2009 by Glyn Giani when he realised that if his generation does not pass down quality skills in footwear it will be lost over time and leave us at the mercy of Chinese footwear. To date over 500 students have passed through our doors and the school has branches in Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and Cape Town.

The school pioneered tuition in Footwear Design in South Africa which include assisting the M&FP Seta in developing a Diploma in footwear design which should be registered in 2018. (More........)

Our Courses

Our courses where developed by Glyn Giani and are based on the methologies of the prestigiouse school ARS Sutoria in Milan, Italy (which is considered the best in the world), These methologies where developed by Senor Lunati and are used across the world and specifically in Italy by most succesful footwear designers. To this he added his own extensive experience as well as on technical training received at Bally of Switzerland to derive at practical materials on which a person can build their own experience and style.

Private Certificate in Technical Footwear Design - 14 month part time course.

Duration: 14 Months

This course covers in detail the development process from sketching to prototyping and run one saturday a month for 14 sessions and backed up by online learning as part of the tuition.

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Private Certificate inTechnical Footwear Design - Evening short course

Duration: 3 Months

This course covers in detail the development process from sketching to prototyping and run two evenings a week for 24 sessions and backed up by online learning for referance.

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The Footwear Industry

The proper design and development skills in the footwear industry is probably one of the most scarce in the world today. In South Africa footwear designers & technologists are in high demand by both manufacturers and retailers. This can clearly be seen by the horrific products seen on our retail shelves. ( MORE........)