Crew Bios


Shirah Dedman | | @shirahdedman

Filmmaker, attorney, imp/activist. From a high school dropout at 15-years-old to a licensed lawyer by the age of 23, she inexplicably found herself consistently un- and under-employed. So after her last layoff, she decided to relentlessly pursue her true passion: the intersection between media, economics, race and the environment.

Shirah is featured in Uprooted (2017), a short film by Equal Justice Initiative & Google documenting her family's return to the site of her great-grandfather's lynching. And it's her own nomadic life, marked with perpetual residential and economic instability, that inspired her short documentary, You A Nomad: Deconstructing Urban Displacement (2017).


Maria Judice | | @mariaajudice

A multi-faceted storyteller with more than a decade of experience in entertainment. Maria received her M.F.A. in Film/Video from CalArts. Her award-winning film PALM TREES aired on BET’s “Lens on Talent.”

Maria has led numerous film campaigns as an Impact Producer, including: Haiti's premiere Oscar submission, Ayiti Mon Amour (2016); Dreamstates (2016); The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2015), and HEIST: Who Stole the American Dream (2015). As former program director of MATATU Festival of Stories, she led a team to create conversations and expand audiences around undistributed films of the African diaspora.


Dathan Dedman |

The son of a USC Marching Band alumnus and jazz prodigy, Dathan combined natural talent and discipline to teach himself guitar at 13-years-old. After forming many bands, he gained success on the club scene as guitarist and co-writer for Long Walk Home. The band won the Whiskey’s Battle of the Bands, were featured in Amp Magazine, and opened for Mötley Crüe and The Scorpions.

After starting a family, Dathan segued into a career as a Motion Graphics Artist and attended Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games + Animation, the top VFX school in the nation. With more than 10 years in the industry as an artist and team leader, Dathan has worked on major productions, including 1000 Ways to Die and Insomniac Event’s Wonderland. Dathan continues to compose music and scores animated video and films, including the song featured in Let Her In (2016).


Anthony Capitan |

Since graduating from UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in English Literature & Rhetoric, Anthony has dabbled in writing and script consulting. A documentary treatment he co-wrote placed in the finals of the 2015 Producer Guild of America’s Diversity Workshop. He co-wrote Let Her In (2016) which has screened at several film festivals.

Anthony was the story and script consultant for Carving the Divine (2017), a feature documentary on Japanese buddhist craftsmen which has been featured in numerous publications, including BuzzFeed and the prestigious buddhist journal, Tricycle.