Shining a light on male suicide

Every day in Australia, we lose 7 men to suicide

That is 49 male lives lost each and every week

But what does that really look like?

My dad, Gary was 54

My brother, Kory was 44

My dad, Liam was 38

My dad, Kurt was 35

My dad, Mariano was 56

My son, Phillip was 33

My dad, Geoff was 38

My son, Robert was 21

My son, James was 25

My dad, Michael was 64

My son, Daniel was 21

My brother, Paul was 17

My son, Jaie was 22

My brother, Mark was 43

My dad, Craig was 43

My brother, Paul was 29

My son, Andy was 18

My partner, Ashley was 31

My son, Cody was 14

My brother, Jy was 24

My son, Cohen was 17

My dad, Doug was 52

My brother, Don was 17

My son, Jeremiah was 22

My son, Joe was 18

My brother, Neil was 28

My son, Lucas was 21

My husband, Brock was 38

My brother, Glenn was 33

My friend, Ray was 45

My husband, Bob was 63

My son, Liam was 16

My son, Camerin was 19

My son, Ashley was 23

My son, Cory was 22

My husband, Christian 28

Sons, Harley 37 & Brock 23

My son, Aidan was 21

My son, Daniel was 35

My son, Adam was 31

My son, Micky was 21

My husband, Sean was 46

Our son & brother Corey 28

My son, Jake was 19

My son, Arron was 35

My son, Darren was 31

My son, Joseph was 19

My son, Luke was 31