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Partnership In Parenting


Partnership in Parenting

207 South Coffin St.

Newman, IL 61942

What is PIP?

PIP stands for Partnership in Parenting and is funded by the Illinois State Board of Education. The program is for families living in the Shiloh, Chrisman, Kansas and Oakland School Districts who are expecting a baby or have children birth to three years old.

We offer activities that help to increase child development awareness, encourage parent-child interaction, enhance family well-being, and promote school readiness.

Guiding Principles

* The first three years of life are critical for later school success.

* Understanding child development helps parents to nurture and support their child’s learning.

* All children and their families deserve to succeed regardless of demographic, geographic, or economic factors.

PIP Mission Statement

We partner with families to offer information, resources, and encouragement that young children need to develop and prepare for school success.

During the critical early years of life, we support the unique needs of families in their efforts to be their child’s first, best teacher.

Services Provided by PIP:

* Developmental Screenings are based on your child’s specific monthly age and are play-based. If a delay is discovered, your child will be referred, with your consent, for further evaluation.

* Personal Visits are held in your home every one to two weeks and last about an hour. They focus on the needs of your family and your child’s developmental age. You will discover how play is learning!

* Group Connections are held once a month. They focus on activities for you & your child to enjoy together and on topics important to raising a family. Groups are also a great chance for parents to share parenting experiences with other parents and for children to play with other children.

* Community Resource Referrals are offered to families who need assistance with services that PIP does not provide. We can help families make contacts for additional resources and support.

* Family Events are held at times when the whole family can participate and include a wide range of topics, including a focus on reading. Dates are included in the newsletter.

* Story Times are held during the school year in the PIP room, but PIP also hosts story times at Newman Regional Library throughout the summer. Check the calendar for dates, times and locations. Reading every day helps your child learn the love of reading!

* Toy & Book Lending Library has toys, puzzles, and hundreds of children’s books to check out. Magazines and books about parenting & specific development issues are also available.

* Newsletters are mailed at the beginning of the program year, July 1, and include dates for group connections, family events and workshops. Birthdays and new births are announced. Information about parenting topics and child development is also included. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Lynn Holm at 217-497-9497.

If you have any questions about the PIP program, please call Lynn Holm at 217-497-9497 or


Partnership in Parenting is funded by the Illinois State Board of Education.