To help ensure quick and easy communication for families, I will be using Remind and Synergy for whole class communication. Remind will be used for communicating when a new newsletter is available for viewing on the website and when I have urgent information that needs to be seen as soon as possible. Synergy emails will be sent out for all other announcements.

Remind has been a valuable tool during the last couple of years allowing parents the option to get notifications directly to their phone, without having to remember to check their email. You can still sign up using your email, if you prefer, or phone number. Your number/email will not be viewable by anyone other than yourself.

Click the image below to be taken right to the sign up page. Our group page is called SCS Fourth Grade. Please keep in mind that this group is for PARENTS/GUARDIANS only.

If you would like more information or help getting set up, please email me at or call the school and ask to be redirected to my classroom. The school's number is 503-925-8007.