GSuite Overview

What is GSuite?

Google Suite for Education (GSFE or G:Suite EDU) is a suite of tools that allows students and teachers to collaborate in real-time to create documents, presentations, surveys, spreadsheets, drawings and even websites. All tools are free, ad-free, reliable and secure. You can find more details about the tools we use on the Google Classroom or GSuite Tools Pages.

Why are we using it?

GSuite EDU provides the ability for students and teachers to communicate, store files and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from school or home, all within a secure online environment. It is important to remember an educational Google account is structured and managed differently than a “consumer” or “personal” Google account.

How do we access it?

Students can access their Sherman Google account from any Internet browser or from any mobile device with the Google App installed on their Ipad. They can access their files and edit them at school or home. Follow the directions below to log in and access your files.

  1. On their Ipad select any google application listed on their home screens

2. Enter in account information there

3. Enter student username like below:


4. Enter student password

5. On tablets/phones download app first and enter account information there

To access files, students need to access Google Drive

Click here to learn how to log into Google Drive

Parent Notice

Video Overviews

View of Student's IPad: Getting into Classroom

Guardian Overview of Student Ipad.mp4

Overview of Google Classroom From Browser Login

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Guardian Google Classroom Summaries Overview

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