Shenendehowa seeks to create a robust, innovative, and student-centered learning environment where students master meaningful skills and learn rich and diverse content to help them more fully engage in the world around them. The 1:1 initiative provides students with access to a vast amount of information, helping students take charge of their learning, while simultaneously leading to greater efficiencies.

Students are able to have a more personalized learning experience through 24/7 access to a mobile device to support their learning needs and facilitate a shift in culture where students have greater responsibility for their own learning. On-demand access to information has become the norm in both industry and education. Providing devices to all students helps to level the playing field for students and ensures consistent access to important instructional materials both in and out of school.

1:1 Program Goals

  • Several goals have been identified to define the aspirations of the program:
    • Increased student engagement with learning
    • Increased individualized and collaborative learning
    • Increased personal productivity through the use of online organizational tools
    • Expanded access to learning beyond the traditional class period or school day, providing real time access to information
    • Teachers and students should continually monitor their use of mobile devices relative to these goals.