North Fork Middle School Library


North Fork Middle School library strives to be a center of collaborative learning that produces creative students who have critical thinking skills, an appreciation of literature, and a respect for others and self. The library seeks to create a 21st century environment that promotes learning for all students by providing equitable access to information, teaching information literacy skills, and encouraging lifelong learning.

The school library at North Fork Middle School supports the philosophy and beliefs of Shenandoah County Public Schools by maintaining a library collection to support academic and personal growth as well as the integration of 21st century skills that support and enhance the school’s curriculum through collaboration.

The North Fork Middle School librarian will serve as an instructional partner, information specialist, teacher, and program administrator to provide students with access to resources and learning experiences. The library program will strive to:

  • Support collaboration of learners to become users and producers of ideas
  • Promote reading for academic and personal growth
  • Target multiple literacies to develop 21st century skills among learners
  • Incorporate inquiry into to research process
  • Assess student learning to monitor learning goals

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