Pony Express




School Fight Song

We are the maroon and the white, Shenandoah.

We got that old fight, Shenandoah.

We’ll bet you to stand, we’re the best in the land.

For we know you can stand Shenandoah, Rah Rah!

Go smashing ahead, Shenandoah

Go smash that blockade, Shenandoah

Our team is the fame protector, on boys and girls for we expect a victory from you,

Shenandoah. Rah! Rah! M.U.S.T.A.N.G.S.

7th Grade IT

Mrs Hunter

8th Grade IT

Mrs. Andrew

Careers Class Goes

To Pella

Cell Phones

Bring back lil Coops-Mrs.Perry will know who this is!

Co-Editors: Macey Finlay, Shayna Cochran

Staff: Vesta Bopp, Bailey Braymen, Jersey Fahey, Sarah Haynie, Taylor Haynie, Jackie Ontiveros, Aliyah Parker,

Mandi Rausch, Cambre Millikan, Kyleigh Shaw, Maci Slater, Kassidy Stephens.