Introducing A Book That Will Change Your Life!

I'm so excited to share with you my new book, "The Secret To Live Your Best Life". If you've ever wanted more in life and not sure how you can receive it. This book is will help you to release some negative life experiences you may have encountered. I share with you the secret for you to live in abundance.

When you feel like life is a challenge, and you need a word of encouragement, the path to living is a secret many have failed to acknowledge. Living Your Best Life is coming to terms with your inner self. Pamela, through her experiences, shares her life story, and struggles that tackles the questions: Why am I holding on to past hurt? How can I overcome and live beyond just coping? Can I live my best life free and blessed beyond measure?

To discover the answers to these questions, you must understand the Secret. A secret that led to a decision, granting mankind life eternal. A powerful set of words that Christ himself used in his time of need, as he died upon the cross. It is a request that we should seek daily from God. Be challenged to be inspired. Take up your cross and read The Secret to Living Your Best Life. What do you have to lose? What are you praying to gain?

Invest in your future Today!

About Pamela

Pamela Boudrey resides in Greater Atlanta Ga; she is a wife, a mother and a Certified Life Coach. Mrs. Boudrey has worked with professionals and personal clients to help them build their dreams. Through coaching, workshops, and seminars, Mrs. Boudrey helps people live a prosperous and more fulfilling life. The book, The Secret to Living Your Best Life is book one of a series and Mrs. Boudrey's first publication.

Pamela is the Founder / Executive Director of S. H.E. Ministries America. It's a non-profit organization that empowers men and women who is seeking to renew their mindset from negative life experiences through coaching, training, resources and tools to improve and enhance their live positivity for their brighter future.