Holiday Hill Lost and Found!

By Kayla S, Faith S and Lena L

Our SIS Trip to Holiday Hill was a huge success! Everyone had a wonderful time and had so much fun! However, there were some missing items that belong to students that were left behind at Holiday Hill. If any of these missing items in the picture belong to you, there is a table in the front of the auditorium where you can gather your lost items. All the items on the table will be taken down on Friday, May 27th and all items will be placed into the lost in found located right across from the Cafeteria. We hope everyone had an amazing time at Holiday Hill!

🌟Starry Night🌟

By: Melanie B. & Sara R.

Picture it . . . June 17, 7:00 PM and you are on the gym floor bustin' a move! The annual 8th grade dance is back at SIS! The theme is: Starry Night. The night will run from 7:00-9:30 PM, and tickets will be on sale in the cafeteria for $10 the week of June 13-17. Request all your favorite songs, and the DJ will grant your wish! Snacks and drinks will be available, as well as a candy bar - all included in the price. Please join us for a night of fun and dance with all your friends, it promises to be a blast!

Save the Children baskets

By: Monica D.

Have you heard of Teen Corps basket that is being raffled off? Here at Shelton Intermediate School, Teen Corps is putting together two baskets for Save the Children. Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization to help children in need.

The Teen Corps students wanted to make sure that they did a fundraiser for kids that would benefit children, especially in Ukraine. Since the focus lately has been on Ukraine, the students in Teen Corps felt strongly that we should keep in mind children in all torn countries.

One ofn the baskets was sold last week for Mother’s Day and another sold this week. Many students have bought tickets. People in Teen Corps have raised up to $40. It wasn’t much but everything helps towards Save the Children.

SIS band marching their way to the Memorial Day parade!!

By Faith S, Sophia T. and Kayla S.

Since the weather is starting to get nicer, the SIS band is marching their way to the Memorial Day parade!

The parade will be held on May 30th in downtown Shelton. The band will be playing 'Louie Louie' by The Kingsmen and will start playing at 9 am. We can't wait to see what they have in store for us!!!

The band and choir will also go to Lake Compounce in Bristol to compete in a statewide competition on June 3rd.

Fun, Food on tap at Holiday Hill

By Monica D. and Olivia M.

SIS Viking Nation News Staff

Do you want to have fun with friends? With an all you can eat buffet? Do you want to go to school but not have to go to class?

Well, this year at Shelton Intermediate School, the students are going to Holiday Hill. It's taking place on May 18, 2022. The tickets cost $65 per student. It's going to be from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Students' parents should get picked up around 5:30 PM.

There are many activities you can do and enjoy there. Holiday Hill is an amazing place. You can have fun and hang out with your friends. Holiday Hill is a 200-acre resort. There is a varitey of food for you to pick like muffins, donuts, bagels Nachos,grilled cheeseburgers and hamburgers, french fries, watermelon, and sheet cake. They also have snacks at no charge all day.

There are swimming pools, kayaking, and rock climbing. Holiday Hill has two pools, a Olympic pool and a kitty pool. The pools are clear and beautiful. There are also sports you could play. Like golf, tennis, gaga ball. The pool is an in-ground pool. You could also tie-dye your own shirt for an amount of money. Get your permission slips to your homeroom teacher by May 2nd.

Holiday Hill pictures!

The refreshing pool at Holiday Hill!

Students having fun and playing volleyball!

Hungry students getting ice cream, popcorn, and cotton candy!

A holocaust survivor comes to SIS

By Scott S

Shelton Intermediate School received a memorable oral history lesson from Holocaust survivor Endre (Andy) Sarkany on Tuesday in the auditorium. Sarkany, now 85, was a child living in his native Budapest, Hungary during the Nazi takeover and experienced antisemitism as a young boy as well as experiencing the horrors of World War II.

“I would walk to school as a first grader and I was called names, spit on, and beat up,” Sarkany said. “I told my mother that I didn’t want to go to school anymore.”

Sarkany was born in Budapest on Halloween, 1936. The building he lived in was located inside the Budapest ghetto which is where he remained during the Holocaust. The building housed a nursery/kindergarten on the ground floor. The school was affiliated with the Jewish Agency of Hungary and was led by Mr. Eugene Polnay.

Sarkany spoke about his father was taken by the Nazi’s and how his dad survived but returned weighing only 70 pounds.

“My father suffered for years after,” Sarkany said. “He would wake up screaming, reliving what he went through.”

Sarkany tells his story so future generations can pass it on through oral history.

“I was a witness to the Holocaust and now you (the students) are a witness to what happened to me,” Sarkany said.

After World War II life didn’t get easier for Sarkany and the Hungarians as the Soviet Union put in a puppet Communist government, which limited human rights and deprived the natives of Hungary basic human rights. Sarkany himself was deemed undesirable by the communists and denied entry into college.

“I told my parents in 1957 that I was done with (Hungary),” Sarkany said.

Sarkany immigrated to America, where he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees. He worked for both the McDonnell Douglas Corporation and IBM before retiring. Sarkany is married. He has two children and five grandchildren.

CT History Contest Winners

Congratulations to our students who now qualify to compete in the CT State History contest. From Team Fortitude, Peyton S. and Stephanie S., competed with their documentary entry "The Tripolitan War: A Calculated Decision or a Lucky Gamble?" and earned a first-place finish in the Junior Group. From Team Determination, Valeryia A., Ava T., and Riley P. earned a second-place finish in the Junior Group Performance category for "The Story of Clare Boothe Luce: A Musical Comedy".

Great job and good luck at the state contest.

Oratorical C0ntestants Shine

SIS hosted the annual American Legion Oratorical Contest on Wednesday in the auditorium. Students that placed were Quinn Wherly (first place), Joey Cummings (second place), Krishiv Patel (third place), and Kailey Hill (fourth place), all Team Unity students and eighth graders.

American Legion liaison Milt Harrigan and students from the AP Government class from Shelton High served as judges.

Twin Day: These are the top three winners.

Twin Day: These are all the top ten winners.

Twin Day: Maddy , Katie , Emma ,Ellie twined as Jake from state farm.

Twin Day: These twins are Emmy R,Amery M and they won 1st place!!

Teen Corps With Care Bags

By: Samantha G. and Lena L.

Teen Corps is back at it with another great deed. Teen Corp member Ally S. gave the VNN staff some great information about the 2022 Comforting Care Bags. “These bags are for kids who don't feel like they are loved. We want them to feel loved” said Ally. You can donate bags of whatever the flier says for your specified team.

Student-Faculty Game:

Packed House Watches Faculty Hoopsters Win Annual Affair

By Monica D. and Olivia M.

Viking Nation News Staff

The students gave a tremendous effort but in the end it was business as usual as the Faculty kept its long winning streak intact with a 54-46 win over the students in the annual Student-Faculty game March 8th.

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19 the student section came out in force as the game was played in front of a packed house at the SIS Gymnasium. The eighth grade student tickets were sold out and the concession sales were crisp as sales were reported to be over $800. Boys coach Mr. Moran said more than 350 student tickets were sold. All proceeds went towards the boys’ and girls ' basketball programs here at SIS.

As for the game the faculty was led by Student Resource Officer Mr. Greene, SIS teacher Mr. Danielski, SIS teachers Mrs. Acampora, SIS teacher Mr. Moran and SIS teacher Mr. Gydus. SIS teacher Mrs. Corkery played valiantly until suffering an achilles tendon injury. We wish Mrs. Corkery the best in her recovery.

The students were led by Lucas P., Kenny C, Hannah W., Desiree P., Ally S., Isaiah S., and Illia G.. The game was close throughout but the faculty clearly had control. The difference in the game was that the men’s faculty dominated the boys team. The SIS girls team, however, definitely had the edge over the womens faculty.

Other highlights of the game were the national anthem sung by the Jazz Choir, led by Ms. D’Addio. Also, the unified sports team gave a great effort in the halftime game. The student section also was very supportive and had a great time.

Unified Sports Team makes March Madness Debut

By Monica D. and Olivia M.

Viking Nation News Staff

Have you heard the news? There’s a new flex club at Shelton Intermediate School.

What is this club? Well, it’s called the Unified Sports Club and its purpose is to have students with and without special needs to play sports together, practice together as a path to friendship and understanding.

The club was started by SIS teachers Ms. Medrek and Mr. Gydus recently in the third marking period. The team will make its debut Tuesday, March 8th at halftime of the student-faculty basketball game at the SIS Gym.

“Unified Sports is associated with the Special Olympics, which is included with special needs students and gives them a chance to be successful and confident,’ said Ms. Medrek.

Mr. Gydus, who is involved in youth sports in the community and a former All-State football player at Shelton High, said the fit for Unified Sports is a perfect fit for SIS. Shelton High has had an extremely successful Unified Sports program for many years.

“It really is going great,” Mr. Gydus said. “We have had four practices and they really love to play with their teammates and against each other. We have games scheduled with Derby and Naugatuck.”

The team is practicing every other week on flex days. In the spring they will compete in outdoor track and in the fall they will do volleyball, kickball or soccer.

Back to the Future: Student/Faculty Game Returns!

By: Samantha G., Lena L., and Scott S.

Viking Nation News Staff

The annual March Madness Student-Faculty basketball game is back and promises to be better than ever!

The game, which dates back to the 1980’s, hasn’t been played in two years due to Covid-19. The game makes its long awaited return on Tuesday, March 8th at 3 p.m. at the SIS Gym. Student tickets are $3 and adults cost $6. The game will be held after school.

The winning streak for the faculty dates back to the early days of this games but this year promises to be competitive. The boys team had a great season, finishing 9-1, while the girls team grew throughout the season and promised the women’s faculty team a tough time.

The faculty is led by Mr. Danielski, a former college basketball player who has a great inside-outside game.

“This is an important game because it brings the SIS community together,” said Mr. Danielski. “It gives the students the chance to hangout together and support their teams and teachers.”


SIS Choir, Band treats select students to show

By: Samantha G., Lena L., and Scott S.

Viking Nation News Staff

Selected students at Shelton Intermediate School got a rare treat during last week's Flex Period as the SIS Band, Jazz Choir, and Jazz Band put on as performance in the auditorium.

The showing was a makeup concert which was cancelled in January due to a Covid-19. The concert featured songs by the choir and instrumental performances by the band.

To watch the choir sing click on the picture to the left, open in a new tab and play. Enjoy!

Shelton Cheer Brings Home National Championship

By: Samantha G., Lena L., and Scott S.

Viking Nation News Staff

Shelton D12 - 2nd place (Division 12 Small Level 2)

The Shelton D12 team, (2 year national champions) placed second in both days, (Dec. 11-12) Coaches: Erin Boyle, Ami Delbuono Teammates: Carine Chea, Carlice Chea, Maddi Dlugas, Aurora Colon, Sofia Defranzo, Maddelena Szabo, Samantha Gaydos, Madisyn Montivonni, Ariana Irvin, Keira Ostrom, Gabriella Palmeri, Kailee Delbuono, Samantha Meressi, Ella Kupson.

Shelton D14 - 1st place national champions (Division 14 Small Level 3)

The Shelton D14 team, has been undefeated this whole season. They placed 1st place in both days, December 11th-12th. Coaches: Courtney, Stacey, Kim Teammates; Sadie Morris, Skylar Devesta, Emme Shampanois, Joanna Slavin, Mia Melendez, Sarah Judd, Gracie Bobbie, Mya Allen, Kaia Lee, Ava Quigly, Bella DeJesus, Emily Bourqe, Julia Meressi, Mya Plonski, Abigail Ziegler.

Shelton D10 - 5th place (Divison 10 Small Level 1)

The Shelton D10 team placed 5th for their first time ever being at Nationals in Kissimee, FL. Coaches: Carrie, Stacey Teammates: Ana Dancy, Sophie Dansereau, Hannah Evanko-Weber, Nicole Floran, Riley Hopkins, Sophia McPadden, Jordin Morgan, Gianna Ndreu, Lainey Rodrigue, Karlee Rywolt, Isabella Severs, Zoey Stone, Kaelyn Weber, Lilian Widomski, Aubrey Anderson, Mercy Bobbie, Abby Boucher, Devynn Cortigiano

Get Your Summer On!

By: Melanie B. & Sara R.

The last week of the 2021-2022 school year will end with a bang!! On June 20, we will have the SBAC reward day. On June 21, the 8th graders will have their picnic and eat outside. On June 22, field day will take place for 7th and 8th graders. And finally, on June 23, the long awaited last day of school!!