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Mrs. Thomas

2019-2020 School Year

Class Procedures

2019-2020 Class Schedule

1st Period: GRC 8th Grade

2nd Period: GRC 8th Grade

3rd Period: GRC 6th Grade

4th Period: GRC 6th Grade

5th Period: GRC 7th Grade

6th Period: GRC 7th Grade

7th Period: Planning

CaMS Regular Bell Schedule

1st Period: 7:50-8:45

2nd Period: 8:50-9:40

3rd Period: 9:45-10:35

4th Period: 10:40-11:52

A Lunch: 10:40-11:02

B Lunch: 11:05-11:27

C Lunch 11:30-11:52

5th Period: 11:27-1:10

D Lunch: 11:57-12:19

E Lunch: 12:22-12:44

6th Period: 1:15-2:05

7th Period: 2:10-3:00

I am Mrs. Thomas, and I am so excited to be your Gifted Language Arts teacher this year! This is my 14th year in education, and my 5th year at Calera Middle School. This is a very special year for you because not only is this your first year of middle school but it is also your first year in our GRC program. For my new 6th graders, you will be building skills that we will hone and master throughout your 7th and 8th grade years. For my 7th graders, we will be continuing to stretch our analysis muscles and challenge our brains. For my 8th graders, we will getting ready for AP English in the 9th grade. We have a busy year and I cannot wait to see you all!

You are not just students....

You are creators!

You are inventors!

You are creative thinkers!

You will not just think as students...

You will become authors!

You will become investigators!

You will become filmmakers!

You will become historians!

You will become web designers!

This website is your go to place so bookmark it and let's get ready for an AMAZING year!!!

****Information about summer reading, supply list and the syllabus can be found through the important documents link on each class's page.****

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