English Language Arts

Welcome students and parents!

Please, take some time to browse around my Google site. Every week I will update our weekly agendas, learning targets and all the resources you need to be successful in my class.

-Ms. Riley

Pop Quiz on Tuesday (9/3/19) on "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"!

The Treasure of Lemon Brown.doc
Riley Copy of Summer Book Recommendations 2019

Office Hours:

MON, TUES, AND THURS: 7:35-7:45; 3:05-3:25

Anything requiring more time than this can be scheduled by the student with me for a morning meeting time slot.

Morning Meeting time slots: MON, TUES. AND THURS beginning at 7:15

Here's a Breakdown of how my site is organized!

  • General English and Advanced English have their own page listed at the top of this site.
      • Underneath each course's main page, there are sub-pages (Weekly Agenda/Daily Activities, Vocabulary/Grammar, and Resources).
          • Weekly Agenda/Daily Activities: The weekly agenda, learning targets and log of our classroom activities can be found on this page for each course. These will then be grouped by week and the newest agenda/activities will be at the top of the page. Homework will be listed on this page as well.
          • VocabularyGrammar: This section has all of the vocabulary words, grammar mini-lessons for the year and a testing schedule, along with how you will be assessed.
          • Resources: This section will include the handouts, notes, presentations, etc. that we use in class each day.
                • You will need to be logged in to your Shelby County Google account in order to access these files (and any files found on the site).

Contact Information

Email: criley@shelbyed.org

Office: 205-682-6139