Life Science

Ms. Mire

Welcome to 7th grade science!

This is a great hub for general school information and access to other teachers' sites. If you need powerpoints, handouts, and other vital classroom documents, go to Google Classroom! (I'm not trying to be a pain... I am not allowed to put those things on this site because of copyright laws!)

Bell Schedule

1st period: 7:50-8:45

2nd period: 8:50-9:40

3rd period: 9:45-10:35

4th period: 10:40-11:52

5th period: 12:57-1:10

6th period: 1:15-2:05

7th period: 2:10-3:00

Ms. Mire's Daily Schedule

1st period: Advanced Life Science

2nd period: Advanced Life Science

3rd period: General Life Science

4th period: General Life Science

5th period: Planning

6th period: General Life Science

7th period: Intervention/Study Hall

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