Seniors 2019

Grad Order 2019

  1. The mandatory graduation supplies include cap, gown, tassel, diploma, and cover. The price for this is $75. The full $75 is due on October 25.
  2. If you order additional items, your price will increase, but your deposit will be $75. This means everyone will need to bring at least $75 on October 25 with one exception.
  3. Exception: If you order Package 6--the mascot pack--you do not have to bring a deposit. This is an incentive provided by Herff Jones. You will have to pay the entire balance by the March 5 deadline.
  4. ALL costs must be paid to Herff Jones no later than March 5. (Remember, that if you order the mandatory supplies only and pay your $75 on October 25, you will have already paid in full.)

PAYMENT: Herff Jones representatives will be available on October 25 during Flight 60 and that evening from 4:30 to 6:00 pm to receive payment.


  • Remember to print the student name on the top of the order form EXACTLY as you want it to appear in print if you are ordering any graduate name cards or personalized notecards.
  • Be aware that Herff Jones also offers an online platform to create your own personalized announcements. The web address is
  • Please double-check any custom made graduation supplies before you finalize your order. (No one wants to have his or her name misspelled on the graduation announcement!)
  • If you want to take advantage of the class ring offer, you must fill out the separate class ring order form to choose your ring design. Because the class ring is an “add-on” package, you should wait until you see our Herff Jones rep on October 25 to complete your Graduation Package Order Form and put in your total.
  • If you want to order “Senior GradGear”, please fill out the order form included in that brochure. This will mean writing a check in addition to the one you write for your Graduation Package Order Form. These items must be ordered separately. “Gradgear” requires no deposit.
  • Order on time. There may be an individual processing fee added to late orders. Late orders are non-refundable and cannot be canceled.
  • Orders cannot be changed or cancelled after 10 business days.

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