Seniors 2019

Below you will find some initial information for the Class of 2019. Please check back periodically for updates.

Senior Portraits:

  • June 25th and 26th

You should receive a card in the mail from Bill Miller within two weeks of school

ending. If you do not receive a card please call Bill Miller Photography at


  • Make up Senior portraits will be on July 20th.
  • In order to get proofs you must pay the $25, but if you just want your picture taken for the yearbook there is no charge. (***You must pay the $25 to receive proofs to purchase the photos.)

Anticipated Costs:


  • Senior Fee (to pay for rental of facility and other related costs)--at least $40
  • Cap and Gown, Diploma and Cover--at least $100.00
  • Class fees: Science classes, AP classes, AP Exams (varies up to $94 each), Elective classes, organizations


  • Senior pictures
  • Graduation Announcements
  • Honor/organizational cords
  • Senior t-shirt
  • Class of 2019 accessories
  • Cap and Gown pictures

The senior fee and class fees will be paid at registration. Cap and Gown and Announcements will be paid in September or October. Senior picture orders are also placed in the fall.

Please join 2019 Seniors on Remind101: text @h8933k3 to the number 81010

Please join the 2019 Graduation and Senior Information page on Google Classroom Use Code: rqum7da

The purpose of this site is to inform Calera High School seniors and their parents

about items specific to seniors and senior-year activities.

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