Chelsea High School

Reading Plan 2019-2020

Shelby County Schools Summer Reading Rationale and Purpose

Understanding that reading is absolutely foundational to all educational endeavors and pursuits, our system fully endorses and encourages the practice of assigned summer reading for high school students. Each school will exercise a certain degree of autonomy in formulating its summer reading plan; however, certain essential features will be true of every school’s approach:

  1. Students at each grade level will be offered a common list of works from which they will choose one or more texts (depending on local requirements).
  2. The element of choice and the ability to self-select from a prescribed list should enable students to find an appropriate text which appeals to them.
  3. English teachers will discuss the book choices with their students before summer break in order to help students make informed choices as to which works they will read.
  4. Every effort will be made to include engaging texts which possess instructional value and literary merit.
  5. When students return to school in August, they should expect that their English teachers will use summer reading to foster student discussion, diagnostic writing, and connections to informational texts.

In an increasingly graphic, image-driven culture, we believe summer reading provides fertile, common ground from which to begin the academic year and contributes to the ongoing development of the whole child.

(NOTE: All AP courses are exempt and separate from the summer reading guidelines outlined above. AP teachers will communicate summer work requirements to their students prior to summer break.)

Objective of Summer Reading: to improve student reading proficiency, enhance critical and creative thinking skills, develop writing and communication skills, and further promote student interest in reading.

Deadline: Students should be prepared to submit work and participate in discussions focused on summer reading novels when they return to school. For each novel, ALL students must complete the Making Connections assignment. AP students must complete assignments designated by Ms. Dickerson and Ms. Wicks.

Student choice is important in summer reading. We encourage students to review their choices with their parents. Since some texts may contain mature content, we suggest that parents assist their students in making choices appropriate for their maturity levels.