Intro to Spanish

Spanish I

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I will be using this page to post material that we will be covering in class weekly.

Contact information

Phone -- 317-392-2551 ext 3376

PURPOSE of the course --

Intro to Spanish -- this course is designed to introduce students to the Spanish language. We will be using vocabulary units in order to focus on the topic and will also be introduced to SOME grammar concepts in doing so. We will also be doing some reading in Spanish in order to prepare the students for the Spanish I curriculum.

SPANISH I -- this course is designed to mirror the high school Level 1 course. The students will be receiving two high school credits upon completion of the course. We will also be focusing on grammar concepts as we go through the curriculum.

EXPECTATIONS of the course --

Although I do teach all three grade levels (6th - 8th), the expectations are the same.

**You will be required to complete the coursework to the best of your ability.

**You will need to participate in class and ask questions for clarification.

**Quizzes and/or tests will be used for assessment.

**If you are absent, YOU are responsible for any and all missed information/assignments.

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