Mr. Moore's

U.S. History

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

- George Santayana

Class Overview

Mr. Moore's U.S. History class is a combination of history, geography, government, economics, and social discussion. Students are expected to analyze historical events from different historical and modern perspectives, identify and assess the growth of the United States from ocean to ocean, and develop an understanding of how the U.S. government was created and continues to work. These expectations will be met through classroom collaboration and respect.


Remind 101: Email / Text Messaging

Remind 101 (aka Remind) is a great tool for students and parents alike to receive updates and reminders from the teacher about goings-on at the school and in the classroom. It can also be used to communicate individually in a short message (via text) with the teacher concerning questions about the class. All of this is done WITHOUT any exchange of personal phone numbers.

Text: @mistermo

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