The purpose of this site is to give students and parents a domain to find information relevant to courses that students are currently taking with Mrs. Fox. I have provided the link to Shelbyville Central School Corporations Acceptable Use Policy since ALL of the students taking my courses will be working on a student computer workstation in the classroom. My expectation is that students read and follow these guidelines.

Contact Information

Classroom: 209

Phone: (317) 398-9731 ext: 2260

TV Studio: 202

Phone: (317) 398-9731 ext: 2010

E-mail: amfox@shelbycs.org

Google Classroom

Daily projects with due dates and eLearning activities can be found on Google Classroom.

Students: to access Google Classroom you will need your SCS Google email & password.

You can find your email & password on your schedule or in the counseling office.