Courier to be 'nerdier' than ever

We’re well over a month into the school year and I’m sure everyone has been asking, “Where’s the Courier?” Okay, well, probably not. But to answer that question anyway, here we are! Back, better, and nerdier than ever.

Last year, we said farewell to a strong (and funny) group of seniors. While they and their ever-extensive knowledge of gas prices will be dearly missed, it’s important not to dwell on the past. So, instead, I’ll be telling you a little bit about our current staff.

I, Alyssa Flory, am returning as Editor-in-Chief. Our former fearless leader, Grace Bate, has passed the baton and now it’s my job to bring you the freshest, funnest news. This year’s senior squad also includes Nicole Bentley and Emma von Werder. Nicole will serve as our Arts and Feature Editor, bringing you the many, many ways to make a snowman out of popsicle sticks and cotton balls. Emma, on the other hand, is our new Design and Copy Chief. She’s working hard to keep our paper free of typos and awkward spacing.

With a small but mighty staff of six, only one junior has joined our staff. Sagar Rathi is an exchange student from New Delhi, India. You can read more about him and his life outside of the U.S. in his column on page 3.

You can also expect to see more from sophomores Casey Biggerman and Kaidence Neeb, first year staffers who have thus far proven to be witty, meme-savvy individuals.

As far as the actual paper goes, expect some exciting changes! Under new leadership, some things are bound to be different. For instance, that comic-sans looking font? It’s OUT. We’re also hoping to incorporate you, the student body, more and more into each issue. Be on the lookout for fun ways to contribute to the Courier, whether it be through your art, funny anecdotes, or cute pictures of your pets!

Perhaps our biggest change, however, is that the Courier is now FREE. That’s right- free. As in, you don’t have to pay. Now there’s absolutely no reason for you to insult us at lunch, got it?

With that, I think it’s just about time to sign off. Thanks for reading, for supporting, and for letting me start my senior year off with a big black and white bang!