New assistant principal fitting in seamlessly

Mr. Michael Gaines has returned to SHS to take on a new role! Gaines previously worked here from 2003-06 as a social studies teacher and varsity girls basketball coach, and he is back to take on the challenge of the assistant principal position. He originally began teaching because he had a very influential coach when he was in school and he determined that teaching was the best opportunity to make an impact on students beyond coaching.

The first-time administrator is excited about the opportunity to be back at SHS and enjoys that the school is professional but relaxed and home to high performing students with a sound perspective. Gaines will be handling many duties in his new position including: counseling to ensure students are on track to graduate, parking lot monitoring, discipline, and more.

Gaines encourages students to be positive and look towards great things because as as a popular quote says, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t- you’re probably right.” He believes that this quote exemplifies the principle that positive things happen to positive people.