What's going going in 'Boeing Boeing'

Shelby County Players is back with a new show for audiences to enjoy! Boeing Boeing will be showing September 29, 30 and October 1, 5, 6, 7, & 8 at the Strand Theatre! Youth (20 and under) tickets are $5 in advance and $6 at the door (Adults $12 advance, $15 at door). This article provides a more inside look into the hard work that goes into putting a show on.

Week 1: The process starts off with two days of auditions followed by casting on the second night. Later that week there is a readthrough where the cast sits in a circle and reads their lines.

Week 2: The director begins guiding the actors in blocking out the basics of each act, working on their accents, and learning their lines. The basic structure of the set is built and ideas are suggested to the tech designer for lights and sound.

Week 3: The last of the blocking is done and the cast begins running through earlier scenes and working out rough spots. Accents are judged more critically and actors are encouraged to wean themselves off their scripts. Costumes are ordered, tried on, and adjusted and other costume options are looked into.

Week 4: Lines for act one are due and the cast works frantically to memorize them all. Temporary costumes are thrown together for the cast to use for a promotional photo shoot. This is the halfway point of rehearsals.

Week 5: Lines for act two are due and the cast is having a lot of trouble. The due date for act 3 lines is pushed back and the stress starts to set in. The set is still not painted and the lights and sound have still not been added. Most prop and furniture pieces have been obtained, but most costumes have not.

Week 6: Lines are learned and tech and costumes are added. Rather than rehearsing individual acts, the cast begins doing full runthroughs. At the end of the week, the set is taken down and prepared to be moved to the Strand Theatre.

Week 7: The set is put up at the Strand and tech week begins. Tech week entails daily full dress rehearsals with costumes, tech, and no stopping. Pictures are taken and a video is recorded as the final touches are perfected. Friday night is opening night and the show is performed daily through Sunday.

Week 8: There is a brush-up rehearsal on Wednesday before shows begin again on Thursday. Again, the shows are daily through Sunday. After the last show, the set is taken down and taken back to the rehearsal space, costumes are returned, and the Strand is cleaned.