Engineering & Technology

Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics I, Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics II, Communications, Construction, Manufacturing, POE, & Transportation Classes

The purpose of this site is to give students and parents a domain to find information relevant to courses that students are currently taking with Mr. Cory. I have provided the link to Shelbyville Central School Corporations Internet Usage Agreement since ALL of the students taking my courses will be working on student computer workstations in my classroom. My expectation is that students read and follow these guidelines.

Contact Information

Classrooms: 231, 233, 235

Phone: (317) 398- 9731 ext: 2273

E-mail: gbcory@shelbycs.org

Google Classroom

Daily projects with due dates and eLearning activities can be found on Google Classroom.

Students: to access Google Classroom you will need your SCS Google email & password.