Welcome to 6th Grade Science! Ready for Semester2!!

Science Tuesday, January 16th

Complete ELearning Lesson 1! Must be turned in by 1/17/18! This counts for a grade!

Chapter 6 Section 4

Quiz: Gravity and Motion: Open Book!

Flip Book: Define Vocabulary Solar System /Quizlet LAST 24 Words only.

Quizlet: Solar System: https://quizlet.com/181637089/solar-system-flash-cards/

Check out "Owl Power" below. See the Awesome Power of Owls!

Test Review: Play This Kahoot: https://create.kahoot.it/l/#quiz/a9261901-4724-460e-b2d1-f90d58146ce7

Get Well!

Check out: SkyView App from iTunes. Check out Quizlet.com. My account: Paul_Ashbrook

Give me That Carbon! Use the link to the left!

Can you solve the river crossing riddle?

August 10! What Is Science, Anyway? Check out the link to the left. Watch Untamed Science Part 1 & 2 for you answer!

Science Books! Activity 1 "Pictures WS"

Today's Activity: Outside to Observe Cicadas on the trees!

Endangered/Threatened Animal Projects: Due Monday! 12-15 Google Slides, Research Paper.

Also: Students must design a habitat for their animal. They will do this in class next week.

Extra Extra: Wacky Science with a Partner (Optional, but FUN!)

Research Paper Requirements

Paragraph 1: Introduction

What is your animal?

Interesting Facts

Threat Level (from Arkive)

Paragraph 2: Must Include: Common Name, Scientific Name,

Location (Specific Continents And/Or Countries,

Habitat (Biomes, Living Conditions), Number of

Species Remaining, What They Eat, Any Predators,

Number of Offspring Produced

Paragraph 3: Describe Characteristics And Adaptations

Paragraph 4: Explain Why the Animal is Enangered

What is Being Done to Help Your Animal?

What Can We Do To Help?

Paragraph 5: Conclusion

Bring It All Together

Why Is This So Important?

ARKIVE The source for Your Animal's Threat Level!

Endangered Animal Research Project. To be Completed in Class.

BrainPop: Sally Ride



User Name: shelbyvillems

Password:  brainpop

Explore Sally Ride Brain Pop.

Take the Quiz!

View the Primary Source interview.

Try Sortify!

Also for your learning enjoyment:

  • Build an Atom
  • https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/build-an-atom/latest/build-an-atom_en.html

March 13-17

Review Vocabulary, Quizlet Set Introduction to Matter: https://quizlet.com/191780551/introduction-to-matter-flash-cards/

States of Matter. Read pages 88-91.

Investigate: Sates of Matter Basic Phet Sims


Check Out This Amazing Video.

How many examples of Energy Transformations can you find??

ISTEP Testing This Week! This is Round One! Get enough: Sleep, Breakfast, and Exercise. Relax, You've got this!

What Is Energy?


Bring in before February 24!

In even a simple action, energy is often transformed from one type into another (and

back again). Follow the steps in the procedure. Then use a separate sheet of paper to

answer the questions that follow it.

The Come-Back Can


coffee can with plastic lid...any cylinder with a plastic lid will work.

rubber band...thin, thick, double, triple...try different combinations!

metal nuts...any small weight will do...fishing sinkers, washers, small bag of rocks, etc.

2 nails....or 2 paperclips, or toothpicks, etc.

string...twine, yarn, dental floss, fishing line, etc.


1. Use a nail to punch a hole in the center of the bottom of the can and

another in the center of the lid. File down the rough edges.

2. Use string to tie several nuts to the middle of the rubber band.

3. Slip one end of the rubber band through the hole in the bottom of

the can. Slide a nail through the rubber band to secure the rubber

band to the can. Repeat this process with the lid. Put the lid on the

can. The rubber band should just reach both ends of the can without

being stretched too tightly.

4. Gently roll the can on a hard, level floor. Once the can reaches the

end of its path, it will begin to roll back to you.

Analyze and Conclude

1. When you roll the can along the floor, the rubber band twists. What

kind of energy is in the twisted rubber band?

2. Why does the can stop before it begins to roll back to you?

3. What do you think happens to the rubber band as the can rolls back

to you?

4. What kind of energy does the can gain as it rolls back to you?

5. What kind of energy are you adding to the can and rubber band

when you first push the can?

6. If you were to push the can harder, what effect would this have on

the energy in the rubber band?

Links to complete Moon Phases web quest:

September 2013 Moon Phases: https://www.calendar-12.com/moon_calendar/2013/september

Phaser Quiz: https://www.quia.com/quiz/688297.html

Web Quest: https://www.quia.com/quiz/688297.html (some of the links are not active).

Task Six: Use page 204 in the text book.

Also: Start Vocabulary Flip Book for Energy: https://quizlet.com/187253946/energy-flash-cards/

SMS Balloon Launch! We are sprouting beans from the Balloon Launch. Students, check out their progress in class.

Lab!! Operation Pongsat Follow Our Balloon: http://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0s7LBZi1YRhW1Qul90puzlHEZphqxVlHh

We sent seeds, beans, marshmallows, and Gummi Bears over 20 Miles into the atmosphere!

Thursday: We recover our payload!


Review: Try My Kahoot:


Check out this look at life up high.....

Insect Collection-Build A Terrarium Guidelines

DUE DATE: October 3

Every Student will complete an insect collection or terrarium for Science Class. Students may complete both and receive extra credit.

Requirements for insect collection include:

  1. 10 different species of insects
  2. Insects correctly identified with BOTH common and scientific names.
  3. Insects will be mounted, preserved, and in good condition.
  4. Use a cardboard box lid to display your collection
  5. No honey bees or spiders allowed.

Requirements for Build A Terrarium include:

  1. No Glass terrariums!
  2. Clear plastic containers work great!
  3. Design your terrarium and have me approve it before building it.
  4. Terrarium will be sealed shut and must be a self-sustaining ecosystem.
  5. Use plants or seeds you can get easily.

How to Build A Terraium: http://climatekids.nasa.gov/mini-garden/


I will provide opportunities in class to research these projects. Links will be posted on my SMS website.

Good Luck and Have Fun!



Quizlet! www.quizlet.com

Study this set: https://quizlet.com/145841329/chapter-1-what-is-science-flash-cards/

Thursday: Vocabulary Quiz over these terms: infer, skepticism, bias, science, classify, hypothesis, making models, observe, predicting, variables

This Week in Ashbrook 6 Science: Chapter 1 Skills of Science

Next Week: Solar Cookers...Students build their own Solar Cooker. Cookers due after September 19. Build your prototype this weekend and test it out! Do not bring cookers in early!

September Highlights: Visit the Outdoor Lab, 10 Insect Collection or Build a Terrarium...Or Both!

BEARS Ride! Saturday, September 17. Join us for this fun-filled fund raiser for SMS. www.bearsride.org