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The purpose of this site is to provide teachers information about district and regional professional learning opportunities. Some opportunities are free, while others have small fees.

All opportunities have links to registration and/or more information.

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Personalized Learning

As a part of our Strategic Leadership Plan, our goal is that teachers not only lead professional learning, but gain more personalized professional learning.

To meet that end, we have established the SCPS Personalized Learning Conference.

In 2017-18, teachers in SCPS will have at least TWO PD days (depending upon school-level needs,possibly three days) allotted for personalized learning. This conference might fill that need for teachers, or other selections may fill that need.

Registration for the Summer 2017 SCPS Personalized Learning Conference will open in May.

Even if teachers have filled the PD requirements, they are welcome to register and attend sessions of interest on their own time (no stipend allotted).

Central KY ECET2

Saturday, April 22nd


Inspiring teachers and promoting professional growth through collaboration

ECET2 stands for Elevating, Celebrating, Effective, Teaching and Teachers

Here is also a video that helps explains ECET2.

There is a lot of information regarding PBL and SBG information, along with Science and Math resources.

The goal is to engage 120 participants from the following counties: Franklin, Woodford, Anderson, Fayette, Henry, Owen, Scott, and Shelby.


Everything is FREE (food, prizes, books, t-shirts, registration and more)!

If you have any further questions, please contact