Thank you for visiting my website, a place to archive and record my educational journey of facilitating personalized learning for elementary students.

I'm Julia Lyles, an elementary teacher at Heritage Elementary in Shelbyville, Kentucky. I've been an educator since 2014. Midway through my first year in teaching, I began implementing personalized learning math for my classroom of third graders. My student's daily access to technology was limited, so I evolved a "paper and pencil" way of meeting all of their needs. By my second year, my district's 1:1 initiative meant all students now have a device of their own (Chromebooks), so technology obviously became a strong engine to enable personalized learning to work well. However, I'm thankful I had the prior school year to experiment, fail, reflect, and try again in a half-analog, half-digital model. While technology certainly makes things easier for myself and my students, I value key components to make personalized learning endure: creating a self-directed learning culture, moving from a classroom manager to a roomful of student coaches, and establishing expectations that all can succeed.

The name of the site is very deliberate, because although I sometimes feel my educational odometer is high (especially at the end of an exhausting yet rewarding day), I know I have many miles to go. I do not consider myself a master of personalized learning, and am still very much a student on the journey alongside my young scholars! My classroom is an always evolving work in progress. Nevertheless, some educators inside and outside of my district have asked questions: What articles and videos inspired you and gave you direction? Can I have a copy of some of your classroom materials? How did you begin? "Miles with Lyles" is a place to archive and showcase some of the answers to these questions. I hope it helps, and please share YOUR journey with me as well!