Text Processing for Health Technology Assessment (TePHTA)


The TePHTA (Text Processing for Health Technology Assessment) group aims to improve healthcare decision making through the application of text processing technologies (including Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval). The TePHTA consists of researchers from two University of Sheffield research groups: the Natural Language Processing group (hosted in the Computer Science Department, Faculty of Engineering) and the Health Economics and Decision Science group (hosted in the School of Health and Related Research, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health)


Mark Stevenson (Computer Science)

Mark Stevenson is a member of the Natural Language Processing group in Sheffield University’s Computer Science Department. His research focuses on the development of systems to extract knowledge from text and assist users in accessing this information. He works on a range of topics including lexical semantics, word sense disambiguation, semantic similarity, information extraction and text reuse. His publications include a monograph and over 120 papers in journals, collected volumes and international conferences.

Suzy Paisley (ScHARR)

Suzy joined ScHARR Information Resources at its inception in 1994. In 2000 she was seconded to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), as a Technical Lead in the Appraisals Team. She returned to ScHARR as Managing Director of the Technology Assessment Reviews (TARs) programme funded UK NHS HTA Programme. In 2003 she was awarded a UK Department of Health fellowship looking at the retrieval and use of evidence in decision-analytic models of cost-effectiveness.

In 2009 Suzy became Head of the ScHARR Information Resources Group (IRG) leading the Group's research and teaching activities and managing the information service for ScHARR staff and students and for NHS staff through the Yorkshire and Humber Research Design Service (RDS).

Suzy is an Associate Director of the NICE Public Health Collaborating Centre (PHCC) at ScHARR and of the Department of Health Economic Evaluation Policy Research Unit (EEPRU) based at ScHARR and the University of York.

Jim Chilcott (ScHARR)

Jim gained his Mathematics degree from the University of Manchester in 1985 and his MSc in Operational Research from Strathclyde in 1986. For 10 years following the MSc he worked in Operational Research consultancy, giving practical decision support right across the health sector from hospitals to Department, in addition to the mining, banking and education sectors.

Jim joined ScHARR in 1996 to focus on healthcare decision support. From 2002 to 2008 he was the Technical Director of ScHARR Technology Assessment Group responsible for the scientific quality of the group's work for the NICE Technology Appraisals Programme.

He is a founding member and Technical Director of the Public Health Collaborating Centre at ScHARR.

Amal Alharbi (Computer Science)

Amal Alharbi is a PhD student in the Natural Language Processing group at the Computer Science Department, University of Sheffield. Her research focuses on using text mining techniques to reduce the workload required from researchers and experts when conducting Systematic Reviews

William Briggs (Computer Science)

William Briggs is a PhD student at the University of Sheffield. His work focuses on supporting healthcare decision modelling with natural language processing.

Where to find us

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