Submit an abstract

The call for abstracts is now open. It will close at midnight on 12th May.

Scope for abstracts

We are interested in research and service developments which looks at any aspect of symptoms in primary care. This may be about how bodily sensations become symptoms, through decisions to consult or not, to symptoms which persist after negative medical tests and functional somatic disorders. We are particularly interested in - but not limiting submissions to - studies which look at safety in managing symptoms and reassurance. These themes will appear in the plenary talks but it would be great to have new work exploring them too.

We welcome a broad variety of research methods - interdisciplinarity is an important aspect of this meeting.


We encourage you to use a layout of Background, Methods, Results and Conclusions. However if your work doesn't fit with this and you think a different format suits it better, then feel free to vary. If you are describing early work and it is too soon for a conclusion then don't be afraid to say so; but perhaps give an idea of the implications. If you don't have data just now, but will have in September then feel free to say that. But please don't promise something you're unlikely to have. Nobody wants to disappoint an audience!

Please stick to the word limit (350). We haven't used any word counters to cut you off if you squeeze an extra one in, but we reserve the right to judge you on the first 350 only.

Abstract submission form

The form is on this page. It's pretty simple and it will send you an acknowledgement email when your submission has been received. With this acknowledgement you will get a link enabling you to edit your abstract before the deadline. You can use this up until the deadline at midnight on 12th May.