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Sheffield University Nova Rocket Innovative Design Engineering

The leading rocket team holding the UK National Altitude Record at 36,274 feet.

  • SunrIde holds the UK National Open Altitude Record at 36,274 ft reaching Mach 2.67.

  • SunrIde Jr. Jr. won 1st place at the Orbex National Rocketry Championship 2021 with an altitude of 4,836 ft !

  • Award winner of the Best Flight Dynamics at Spaceport America Cup 2018 for achieving an accuracy of 99.83% at 10,000 ft range.

  • The first UK team in history to participate in the largest rocket engineering competition in the world.

  • In 2023, SunrIde aspires to become the first UK University team to reach the Kármán line at 100km! (50 km test in 2022.)

Who are we?

SunrIde is an ambitious team of 50 hardworking engineering students from the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. The team ranges from undergraduates to masters students, from more than 20 countries. Founded in 2017, SunrIde has been expanding ever since, maintaining four highly-engineered projects to achieve rocketry innovation through their research.

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