Varsity E-Games launches

8 April 2020

Sheffield Varsity is proud to launch of Varsity E-Games, 9–11 April.

The Varsity E-Games competition is coming featuring FIFA 2020 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

This will be an online tournament aimed at all University of Sheffield and SHU students looking for some inter-university action. The tournaments are double elimination brackets. Entrants can apply to have their game featured on the streamed eSports tournament on the SHSU Esports and SLUGSoc pages on 14–16 April. If they opt-in, they will be able to send their game footage to the tournament admin team, who will edit the footage into highlights to be presented in between the eSports games.

There are two double-elimination tournament brackets running; one for FIFA 20 PS4 and one for FIFA 20 Xbox One. These brackets have a double final, in the case where an undefeated player loses their first game in the first finals. Due to the number of players in the brackets, nine time slots are required to fit in all the necessary rounds (only eight will be used if it's a single finals).

The schedule that has been passed on to the competitors is as follows: three time slots a day on 9–11 April, at 1.00pm, 2.00pm and 3.00pm. Competitors have until 15 minutes past to turn up, otherwise they will concede their game.

The following ruleset is in place for both brackets:

  • Six minute halves, extra time, penalties if no winner, any team/region (including international), all other settings default.

  • Players are expected to access their relevant Challonge bracket, look up their opponents gamertag, and set up a game by themselves. They will report their scores directly to either Justyn or Joe on emails OR Discord names, all of which are provided in the email.

  • During the competition days both Justyn and Joe will be available for a direct talk on the Hallam Discord server.

  • Players may record their own game footage (via a direct-to-YouTube feature of FIFA 20, or through a capture card) and supply footage to Joe via an unlisted YouTube video link.

All the information has been sent out to those who signed up to the E-Games Competition. Contact details below if you require support.