Investigating variation in and the determinants of mental health care staff retention. With the aim of better understanding how organisational contexts and the experiences of health care staff in the workplace influence staff retention and patient outcomes.

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The NHS is struggling to keep staff, on average 15% of NHS staff leave their job every year but this ranges from 9% to 38%. We propose to study this variation within NHS mental health services to identify and better understand the reasons staff stay in their job. We will explore the effects of, and interactions between, the Trust, staff characteristics, roles, workplace practices and experiences at work. We will also assess the ways in which these things are linked to patient care. We aim to identify good practice and make recommendations to improve staff retention across the NHS.

Realist Review of the Literature

Routine Data Analysis

Organisational Case Studies

Public and stakeholder involvement in RoMHS - could you be an advisor?

Being an advisor may involve commenting on our work via email or in face to face workshops. We may ask for your opinion on new work we are developing or on recent findings before we make them public. We are looking for people who have experience of mental health services either as staff or service users or members of the public who are interested in this work.

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Meet the team

This project is an exciting collaboration between the School of Health and Related Research, Health Sciences School (Division of Nursing and Midwifery) and the Management School within the University of Sheffield.

Sue Ridgway (Project administrator)

Rosie Adams (PhD student)

Dr Jaqui Long

The latest round of the Efficiency Research Programme, launched in 2018, focused on labour productivity and/or workforce retention in non-hospital health and care settings (i.e. primary care and social care). Seven projects were funded through this round, supporting innovative research ideas into issues of efficiency and sustainability in health and social care provision in the UK.

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