Nanophotonics Winter School

20 - 22 January 2020 - The Diamond, Sheffield, UK

Venue - The Diamond

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  • This 3-day Winter School will focus on wavelength-scale structures for tailoring photon propagation and emission as well as control, generation and detection of quantum light; novel materials for (quantum) nano-photonics; strong light-matter interaction; spins in semiconductor quantum dots.
  • The school will consist of lectures and invited talks, and will include poster sessions – see details in the Programme.
  • This school is organised by 4PHOTON - a European Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded by The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) in Horizon 2020.
  • The school is open for all early stage researchers at the PhD or postdoc levels.

Winter School Confirmed Speakers

  • Mark Fox, Sheffield - Chiral nano-photonics using quantum dots
  • Brian Gerardot, Heriot-Watt - Moiré heterostructure quantum emitter arrays
  • Robert Hadfield, Glasgow - Superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors: physics and applications
  • Pieter Kok, Sheffield - Generating Maximal Entanglement between Spectrally Distinct Solid-State Emitters
  • Thomas Krauss, York - High NA silicon meta-lenses for wide-field imaging
  • Dmitri Krizhanovskii, Sheffield - Nonlinear hybrid light-matter states in semiconductor microcavities and waveguides
  • Claire Le Gall, Cambridge - Hyperfine interaction in QDs: From decoherence to optically gated quantum-state transfer of an electron-spin qubit
  • Kai-Hong Luo, Paderborn - Integrated quantum optics with nonlinear devices
  • Tina Müller, Toshiba - Quantum dot based devices for telecom wavelength quantum networks
  • Riccardo Sapienza, Imperial College London - Dielectric nano-antennas for quantum emitter control
  • Timur Shegai, Chalmers - TMDC nanophotonics for strong light-matter coupling
  • Mark Stevenson, Toshiba - Quantum light emitting diodes and their applications
  • Sarah Thomas, Université Paris-Sud - Reproducibility and Purity of Quantum Dot based Single-Photon Sources
  • Richard Warburton, Basel - Coupling a gated quantum dot to an optical microcavity

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