The Latin American Society (LatAm) has a large tradition of bringing together people from different backgrounds who are interested in the Latin-American culture.

Our aim is to provide a mean of socio-cultural integration through diverse academic and social activities as well as to proudly represent the Latin-American community in the University of Sheffield.

We regularly hold diverse activities such as our "Conversation Group", "Social Club" and "Folk and Dance group". Other events include our annual BBQ party, the Latin-American Independence celebrations, the Mexican "Día de los Muertos" (Day of the Dead), the end of year traditional "Posada", film nights and many more!

We look forward to you becoming part of the LaTam!

For more information please check out our website and don't hesitate to contact us.


Create an interactive and social space where students, staff, … are engaged, inspired and enriched by the Latin American culture, where everybody, independently of their background is welcome.


The Latin American Society is a driving force for developing cultural awareness of Latin American culture at the University and in Sheffield based on the cultural convivence of students from all over the world, where the interest in Latin American culture is the core.


1. We embrace diversity and inclusion.

2. Based on honesty and civility.

3. We pursue a fair society and representation of the Latin American cultures.

4. We do the basic AND MORE