City of Hope

Sheffield's Heart

"I took this picture because I like Sheffield so much. I have been in several places in the UK, but here, people are welcoming, they are good, they want to know you and share your feelings. I have used a bright theme to show that Sheffield is a nice city to live in."

Over the Rainbow

"I took this picture from the window of my hotel room for asylum seekers. It represents the hope for a better future here in Sheffield."


"I liked taking this picture because I love elephants. They are nice animals."


"I like to be surrounded by nature and the different places in Sheffield are so colourful."

Sheffield Theatres

"I like when I see this sign in the night. It makes me think about social life and events."


"I saw these red flowers around the monument but I never knew their meaning. Then, they told me that they are poppies to remind of soldiers who died during the war and made me think that is a nice thing.

However, I don't know how people can walk around them and smile. They don't know war."

Memorial Hall

"This is a nice place. I can see a lot of people having fun and enjoying their life.

I like how the water change its colour with the lights. It is a nice effect."

Winter Garden

"I like walking around the winter garden. It makes me feel relaxed. It is a nice place to hangout and chill with friends after college."


"I was playing with the angle to take this picture. I took it from down because the stone reflects like a mirror the lights. I like walking around the winter garden and the crucible, it is a nice area.

However, I would like to do more activities but sometimes it is difficult because of my English. I go to college to improve it."