About the event

Eurosteel Sheffield 2021
1–3 September

Over the past 25 years this conference has become Europe's major forum for presentation and discussion of the whole range of topics surrounding research, design and construction of steel structures.

Eurosteel has consistently attracted more than 500 delegates from countries across the world, and is now an essential event for academic researchers at all levels, as well as designers and fabricators. It provides a great opportunity for industry and academia to meet and discuss real-world problems where research is needed, as well as the opportunities provided by leading-edge research.

In Sheffield we increased the number of sessions in which both academia and industry could learn from one another. Hence we were particularly interested in paper proposals from practitioners in design, fabrication and construction, as well as the mainstream research specialities. Invited keynote lectures covered major themes in current research, as well as the real-world context of current steel construction.

Young researchers particularly benefitted from attending. The conference allowed them to present their research findings and discuss them with the leading experts in their fields, to appreciate the state of the art in other areas of research and practice, and to generate ideas by interacting with practitioners. The conference has traditionally attracted delegates from academia and industry world-wide.

Local committee

Professor Ian Burgess (Chairman)

Professor Buick Davison

Dr Shan-Shan Huang

Dr Jurgen Becque

Dr Iman Hajirasouliha

Dr Danielle Densley-Tingley

International steering committee

Bouchair H, France

Burgess I W, United Kingdom

Demonceau J F, Belgium

Dubina D, Romania

Jönsson J, Denmark

Kozlowski A, Poland

Kuhlmann U, Germany

Landolfo R, Italy

Dunai L, Hungary

Markovic Z, Serbia

Mazzolani F M, Italy

Mela K, Finland

Moze P, Slovenia

Oly R, Luxembourg

da Silva L S, Portugal

Snijder H H, Netherlands

Unterweger H, Austria

Vayas I, Greece

Wald F, Czech Republic

International scientific committee

Aalberg A, Norway

Abdelouahab K, France

Baddoo N, UK

Balaz I, Slovakia

Baniotopoulos C, UK

Belica A, Luxembourg

Calado L, Portugal

Camotim D, Portugal

Cashell K, UK

Choe L, USA

Clifton G C, NZ

Couchman G, UK

De Matteis G, Italy

Degèe H, Belgium

Elghazouli A, UK

Engelhardt M, USA

Ermopoulos J, Greece

Gantes C, Greece

Gardner L, UK

Gervasio H, Portugal

Han L.-H, China

Hauke, B, (Germany)

Heinisuo M, Finland

Hofmeyer H, Netherlands

Jandera M, Czech Rep

Lam D, UK

Lange J, Germany

Loss C, Canada

Lu W, Finland

Lucic D, Montenegro

Ma Z, Finland

Malaska M, Finland

Mirambell E, Spain

Mistakidis E, Greece

Muzeau J P, France

Nethercot D, UK

Nielsen J, Denmark

Partov D, Bulgaria

Pasternak H, Germany

Rasmussen K, Australia

Rebelo Portugal

Romero M, Spain

Rotter J M, UK

Ryjacek P, Czech Rep

Selamet S, Turkey

Siwowski T, Poland

Sleczka L, Poland

Stratan A, Romania

Topkaya C, Turkey

Toric N, Croatia

Uy B, Australia

Vila Real P, Portugal

Zhao B, France

Made in Sheffield

The City of Steel is an iconic and historic location to present and discuss research work in the field of structural steel.

The crucible and Bessemer processes, and pioneering stainless steel innovations made Sheffield steel famous worldwide.

Welcome to Sheffield.

History of Eurosteel

  • 1995, Athens

  • 1999, Prague

  • 2002, Coimbra

  • 2005, Maastricht

  • 2008, Graz

  • 2011, Budapest

  • 2014, Naples

  • 2017, Copenhagen