EpiPix Ltd is a spinout company from the University of Sheffield that is focusing on developing and commercialising game-changing micro-LED technology for various photonics applications, including displays and AR/VR.

EpiPix micro-LED arrays for smart portable devices

A breakthrough process delivering arrays of red, green and blue μLEDs down to 5 μm on a single wafer.

Meet the team

Erwin Wolf

CEO and Co-Founder

Erwin has worked for over 25 years for large companies like Siemens, OSRAM and Infineon. After that he held several CEO positions (AZZURRO, Amantys, Cambridge Nanotherm, Carbon Air) as well as board positions (Amantys, InfiniLED, Cambridge Oncometrix, BioCera Medical).

Professor Tao Wang

Director and Co-Founder

Tao Wang is Professor of Advanced Opto-electronics, Director of the Centre for GaN Materials and Devices and Co-Director of the Joint Research Centre for Wide Bandgap Optoelectronics.