Adrian Moore

Hello and welcome to my personal home pages. Most of this site contains links to academic work, be it written texts or composed works of electroacoustic music. I work at The University of Sheffield in the Department of Music. I teach music technology and composition and I hope this 'content' is as up-to-date as possible. I also hope that my 20+ years of experience will be something that students and visitors to this site might engage with. I write music using recorded sounds. Not necessarily instrumental sounds but anything and everything. The link to 'music' will give you a taster. In my biography I talk about a community practice. I feel part of a community when I make music. In electroacoustic music, this is most pronounced when I host our Sound Junction concerts. Here's an image of a composer from our December 2022 Sound Junction at work. Please make sure to visit the University of Sheffield Sound Studios to find out more. The link above to my YouTube channel contains a mix of videos supporting the USSSToolskit, videos that I'm happy to share with students and a wider audience, reminder to self videos (how to split and interleave audio in Audacity for example) as well as a few videos from when I used to bike to work, etc. If you want to get in contact, it's not too difficult to find my email.