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Career Exploration Tools

Careers New Zealand: A wide variety of useful info, tools, and resources including quizzes, CV builders, and job databases.

HUB - Helping with NCEA Subject Choices is a section within CareersNZ site for parents, whānau, caregivers, and anyone who is involved in helping young people make good subject choices for their future tertiary study and career

Visit the page to find out:

• what subjects are useful for particular jobs

• where to look for jobs that are in demand

• match subjects with study and career with our tool, Subject Matcher

• what NCEA credits are needed for further tertiary training

• the importance of taking STEM subjects

• how NCEA compares to the previous School Certificate and Bursary systems

• tips for having a career conversation with your young person

• eight steps to choosing school subjects.

To help with career planning, follow these three stages:

· encourage self-awareness – help people reflect and think about themselves

· explore the options – use job-matching tools for ideas, and use our databases

· encourage goal-setting and action-planning

Financial Tertiary Support:

StudyLink: For student loans and associated information.

RealMe: You need a RealMe profile in order to get a student loan and/or allowance.

Fees Free Information: All you want to know and more is here*

MoneyHub - Want Free Money to Study? Find Financial Scholarships

giveME - offers access to more than 4,000 scholarships and awards for individuals

  • Step One Sign up - All students need to sign up on the schools unique subscription URL
  • Step Two - Students need to check their spam/junk folder for the confirmation email
  • Step Three - After confirming your account, you can now log in with just your username/email and password from any location on any device. The second time you want to log in, you can click on log in to givME and will go directly to the log in page.
  • Log in to givME