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Contact Information:

Sheryl Brame

SHPA Music Specialist (Grades K-5)

SHPA Mixed Choir Kids Club Director (Grades 3-5)


Music Specialist Schedule - Rotating 4 Day Cycle

4th Grade: 8:50-9:35

5th Grade: 9:40-10:25

3rd Grade: 10:40-11:25

1st Grade: 1:00-1:45

Kindergarten: 1:50-2:35

2nd Grade: 2:40-3:25

SHPA School Song

SHPA that’s who we are!

We're the best and brightest by far!

Roman Eagles all stand proud.

We’re not afraid to shout out loud!

SHPA happy are we!

Learning, sharing, community.

We’re the best of all the rest.

SHPA are we! Rah! Rah!