Salve! Welcome to the Latin site!

Hello, and welcome to the K-5 Latin site for Seven Hills Preparatory Academy. My name is Jake Leibl, and I am the Latin teacher at school. This is my sixth year teaching, and I am very excited to be at Seven Hills. If you ever have any questions concerning Latin curriculum or studies, or any concerns your child may be having, please always feel free to contact me at school (ext. 6053) or by email (

Latin at a Glance

Kindergarten - Kindergarteners are hard at work learning Latin vocabulary. We are starting with simple phrases and then we will begin learning nouns that center around a specific theme.

1st Grade - 1st Graders are hard at work reviewing nouns and phrases from last year and doing different projects to solidify the meanings.

2nd Grade - 2nd Grade is reviewing words from last year, and soon they will be working on learning Latin verbs, the next step in the study of the language.

3rd Grade - 5th Grade - The upper grade students are all hard at work translating Latin. Each grade is advancing at its own speed, but all the grades are working on learning nouns and verbs, reviewing the structure of a sentence and the grammatical parts, and memorizing the 1st Declension and verb conjugations.

Online Latin Dictionary

Sometimes students may want to find out the meanings to words, and Google translate isn't always the best resource. One great online option is the following website: . If you ever have questions about how to use it, please let me know.