World Geography

Welcome 8th grade students and parents to Mr. Leaf's classroom webpage. This is where you can find a calendar of upcoming units, long term assignments and rubrics as well as other resources.

About Mr. Leaf

I grew up in the small river town of Winona, MN. Surrounded by the bluffs, prairies and Mississippi River, I spent a lot of time exploring. Since then I have traveled far, but I always seem to find my way home. I've come to understand education in the same way; we must explore to learn, and through that exploration we come to value things we'd known all along but in new and different ways.

I am a history fanatic! Human beings are creatures of habit; if we study our habits we can predict our future. There are historical connections all around us, every day, and in all of our curriculum here at SHPA. This is why I believe so strong in the mission of Seven Hills and our philosophy of critical questioning.

Unit Calendar

September - Physical Geography

October - Human Geography

November - Europe

December - The Middle East & Africa

January - The United States & North America

February - Central & South America

March - Asia

April - Southeast Asia

May - Washington D.C./Capstone

Guidelines and Expectations

Classroom expectations

  1. Have all appropriate materials and supplies at your table and be seated when class begins.
  2. Respect all people and property in the classroom.
  3. Use the appropriate voice levels for a classroom.
  4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  5. Observe and follow all class rules and procedures.


  1. Verbal warning
  2. The student will be required to analyze the classroom expectations and determine which one they are not following. They will then write the expectation and explain how they were not following it and why it was making learning difficult.
  3. Detention

If students are consistently in conflict with classroom expectations, then added measures will be taken. For more information see the SHPA Student Handbook.


We will work hard to create a positive learning environment. A parent or guardian will be notified if their student is exhibiting behavior that prevents learning. This contact will be made through email or a direct phone call.

Grading Scale

Homework: 25%

Participation: 25%

Assessments: 50%

Late work policy

We are a rigorously academic institution. The work completed at home is for reinforcement and enrichment and crucial to the success of a student. All late work will receive no more than 50% credit. If the late work is not up to SHPA standards the student may be asked to redo the assignment or the student may receive 0% (this will be up to the discretion of Mr. Leaf).


Tests make up 50% of a student’s final grade. The emphasis placed on formal assessment creates a rigorously academic community and prepares the student for the next level of their educational career. Students that earn an 70% or lower on a test may retest. On the second test, or retest, the highest grade a student may receive is an 85%. This retest must be scheduled within one week. It is up to the student to arrange a retest. Quizzes may be used to prepare for the chapter and unit tests. There will not be an opportunity to retake a quiz.

Additional information

  • These guidelines and expectations may be changed by Mr. Leaf at any time.
  • If you have any questions or comments about these guidelines please contact Mr. Leaf through email or the school office.