REACH Schedule

REACH Presentations occur in a variety of formats, based upon the planning of faculty within a student's program, department or division. Contact the appropriate faculty member with specific questions.


Departmental Contact

Program Date; Program Time

Program Type

Biology and Health Sciences

Dr. Paul Kohnen

November 19 at 5pm

Presentation (PowerPoint, poster, etc.)


Dr. James Larriviere

January 15 at 12:30pm

Small group discussion with Business Faculty Member


Dr. Carolyn Simmons

April 13 at 4pm

Senior Share and Dinner in Faculty Home

Communication Arts

Dr. Stuart Babington

November 26 at 11:15am

Linked to Senior Seminar presentations over multiple days in late November


Dr. Lori Aultman

November 26 at 1 pm

Presentations and Pinning Ceremony


Dr. Stephanie Callan

January 24 at 5pm

Wine and Cheese Social with Faculty

General Studies

Dr. Daniel Massey

April: TBD on Syllabus

Linked to Senior Seminar course


Dr. Tom Ward

April: TBD

Linked to Senior Seminar


Dr. Jonathan Dunbar

January 31 at 5pm

Senior Share and Dinner in Home of Faculty


Dr. Fabian Balmori

April 23 at 3pm

Small group discussion linked to Senior Seminar


Dr. Marty Gibson

April 30 at 9am

Linked to Senior Seminar Course (NUR 460)


Dr. Daniel Massey

April 23 at 3:10pm

In-class Presentation linked to Senior Seminar

Political Science

Dr. Vlad Kravtsov

April 20 at 5pm

Reflection video posted on PoliSci FaceBook and discussion linked to Senior Seminar


Field Experience: Dr. Chelsea Greer

Research: Dr. Royce Simpson

Field Exp: Nov 27 and 29 and April (TBD) and Research: April (TBD)

In-class and linked to internship or research experience


Dr. Harold Dorton

April 23 at 12:15pm

In class presentations linked to capstone experience


Dr. Tim Carmody

January 19 at 5pm

REACH Presentation followed by dinner at Jesuit House #4.

Visual Arts

Wanda Sullivan

April 18 at 4 p.m.


2018-19 Support to Prepare You for the REACH Presentation

September 20, 2018: REACH for the Avenue: An informational meeting designed to explain expectations and navigation tips for seniors; presented by Pathways, CUE, and the Registrar.