REACH Schedule

REACH Presentations occur in a variety of formats, based upon the planning of faculty within a student's program, department or division.

The following list provides the REACH schedule for 2017-18 graduates. Some programs schedule both fall and spring events, depending on the program curricula; the first event only is listed below. Contact the appropriate faculty member with specific questions.


Departmental Contact

Program Date; Program Time

Program Type


Dr. Debbie Fox

11/20/2017; 5:30 pm

Concurrent Presentations


Dr. James Larriviere

1/16/18; 12:30 pm

Small group Discussions


Dr. Carolyn Simmons

4/21/18: Time: TBD

Departmental Social

Communication Arts

Dr. Stuart Babington

11/20; 11/27; 11/29; 11:15 am



Dr. Lori Aultman

11/29/17; 3:30 pm; Spring Dates: TBA

Pinning Ceremony


Dr. Stephanie Callan

1/25/18; 6:00 pm

Departmental Social

Fine and Performing Arts

Fr. Steven Campbell

April 2018; in pm

With Senior Seminar

Foreign Languages

Dr. Fabian Balmori

2/23/18; in pm

Departmental Social

General Studies

Dr. Daniel Massey

4/5/18; 7:00 pm

Small Group Discussions


Dr. Tom Ward

4/10/18; 2:30 pm

With Senior Seminar


Dr. Jonathan Dunbar

1/31/18; 5:00 pm

With Senior Seminar


Dr. Marty Gibson

5/2/18; 9:00 am

In Senior Seminar Class Presentation


Dr. Chris Dodsworth

4/12/18; 4:35pm

In class Presentations

Political Science

Dr. Vlad Kravtsov

4/12/18; 5:00 pm

Small Group Discussion


Dr. Royce Simpson

Field Exp: 10/26/17 Research: TBA (April)

In class Presentations


Dr. Harold Dorton

4/30/18; 12:15 pm

With Senior Seminar


Fr. Chris Viscardi

3/1/18; 5:00 pm

Departmental Dinner

2017-18 Support to Prepare You for the REACH Presentation

  • September 21, 2017: REACH for the Avenue: An informational meeting designed to explain expectations and navigation tips for seniors; presented by Pathways, CUE, Registrar, Career Services, and Center for Student Involvement
  • February 1, 2018: Vocation Storytelling Workshop: An interactive workshop that helps students reflect upon their journey at SHC in preparation for their REACH presentations; presented by Pathways to Purpose