Theological Institute

Dr. William P. Brown

2020 Annual Conference

March 19 & 20

at Spring Hill College

Gautrelet Room

Lucey Administration Building

William P. Brown is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church and the William Marcellus McPheeters Professor of Old Testament at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, GA. He is the author of several books and numerous essays on biblical interpretation and theology, including The Seven Pillars of Creation: The Bible, Science, and the Ecology of Wonder (Oxford University) and Seeing the Psalms: A Theology of Metaphor (WJK), as well as editor of Engaging Biblical Authority (WJK). Bill was a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton (, where he worked with scientists, philosophers, and ethicists exploring the “societal implications of astrobiology.” He is an avid Sunday School teacher and was a founding member of Earth Covenant Ministry. He delivered the Christus Annual Conference in 2018 on the Books of Genesis and Job.

Thursday, March 19th 7 P.M.

The Self-Revelation of Creation: Wisdom and the Psalms

The great biblical scholar Gerhard von Rad once described biblical wisdom as the “self-revelation of creation.” This has become even more relevant in our environmental age. For the first lecture, we will explore psalms and wisdom passages that acknowledge the integrity, beauty, and wonder of creation, a creation that is worth preserving for God’s sake.

Friday, March 20th 10:15 a.m.

Revelation and Creation: The Apocalypse

The second lecture explores the relationship between creation and the apocalypse. While the notion of “apocalypse” conjures for readers horrifying images of destruction and people being raptured into heaven, the case will be made that creation’s integrity is actually preserved in the apocalypse.