Olga Brener School Counselors

Mrs. Uelmen and Mr. Vander Heiden

COVID-19 Virtual Learning update

This is an unprecedented time in the world of education. It breaks our heart every day we do not get to see the smiling faces of your children, share warm hugs, and celebrate the triumphs of their continued learning. As School Counselors we strive to meet the social, academic and career needs of our students. I hope this update provides some information on how we will continue to provide services to you and your families. I'd like to start with some words of wisdom from a fellow Elementary School Counselor:

          • School is not closed: The building may be but we are doing everything we can to stay connected to you during this time. At this time, email will be the best way to contact us regarding any concerns you may have. You can find this information on our Contact page. Appointments can be made on an individual basis by reaching out to us through email (note: these appointments would be virtual through videoconferencing/phone).
          • We have been given the gift of time: We have the opportunity to spend time with our families and time to do things we have always wanted to. Go outside and practice your favorite sport, read that book you always wanted to or finally learn how to do a cartwheel. Quality family time is difficult to come by but critically important for social and emotional well-being.
          • Go outside: Here in Wisconsin it is still pretty cold but getting out and going for a walk is a refreshing way to break up your day. It also has so many added benefits including exercise, Vitamin D from the sunshine and a growing appreciation for nature.

As we navigate through these uncharted waters it is important for us to come together and help each other more than ever. Feel free to share any wonderful pictures of the activities you are doing with your students!

Mr. V and Mrs. Uelmen

School Lunch Program

We are happy to let you know that Shawano Schools aims to continue to provide Breakfast and Lunch options for our students during the remainder of scheduled closure.

Information on this can be found at the following link: