Second Languages Matter!

Best Practices Day

February 9, 2018 Fantasyland Hotel Edmonton, AB

  • The largest annual gathering of second language educators in the province, with attendees coming from across the province and the country.
  • A day offering practical sessions for teachers and administrators of all K-12 second language courses and programs, including ESL
  • A day full of best practices shared by classroom second language teachers, administrators, university professors and second language leaders
  • An opportunity to connect with and learn from colleagues and peruse the latest resources
  • NEW for 2018: Collaborative conversation groups for your language program
  • NEW for 2018: Drop by the Tech Café to check out virtual reality for second language classrooms

Cost: $149 | Course Code: SLA6442

Non-Edmonton Public Schools:

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Mary Grantham O'Brien

Big Impact: Why Second Languages Matter

Mary Grantham O'Brien is a professor and graduate program director of the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures and former director of The Languages Research Centre, University of Calgary. Dr. O'Brien is also the principal investigator and author of the Literature Review on the Impact of Second Language Learning.

Featured Speakers

Dr. Katy Arnett

Access For Success: Making Inclusion Work for Second Language Learners

Katy Arnett returns to engage teachers in a practical discussion around what we already know: Our classes have become ever more diverse and our students do not all learn a second language in the same manner or at the same rate. Katy offers strategies that work to allow all students access to second language success. Come with your questions!

Dr. Arnett will lead the session via video conference.

Dr. Mary Grantham O'Brien

Another One Bites the Dust: Language Learning Myths Busted

Second language teachers have heard them all: ‘English Language Learners need more English so let’s pull them from the second language classroom.’ ‘Time spent learning a language detracts from academic achievement in core subjects.’ ‘Not all students can learn a second language.’ Mary Grantham O’Brien reveals how the research literature debunks these and other common myths.

Caleb 'Señor' Howard

Planning for 90+% Target Language Use

Instructional time in the second language classroom is precious and the importance of maximizing target language use cannot be overstated. In this session, you’ll hear practical tips regarding what to keep in mind when designing #TL90plus units and lessons, how to introduce new vocabulary WHILE staying in the target language, and best practices for assessing students in a #TL90plus classroom

Señor Howard will lead the session via video conference.

How to Attend the Day at No Cost

Access funding through:

  • Your ATA Local Staff Development PD fund (EPSB staff, click here)
    • TIP: Apply for group funding if at least two people from your school attend
  • Alberta Education's French Teacher Bursary if you teach French

As February 9 is a district-wide PD day, EPSB staff have no sub costs.


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