AM Industries

Here at AM Industries we are here for YOU!!! this is right we want to ensure that you receive the highest level of support for your Educational Technology Consulting needs!

We employ staff of the highest quality to bring you the best advice we can on a shoestring budget see our staff Bios below to learn about the supremely qualified staff that we keep on hand to support you!


As president and CEO I don't have time to stop for pictures, I consult so fast that my pictures are a blur! That is what you can expect from me when I work with your staff... a quick meeting with lots of blurry details


I travel the world to bring you the newest ideas! You do pay for the ideas, mostly in airfare but that is a small price to pay for what I bring to the table.


I might sleep at work once in a while but I sleep in a Google Pod! If it works for Google it has to be the way to go. I will show up refreshed at ready to work for you on any topic!